Social Groups

How to Meet People in Ravensworth Farm

by Steve Beste

The best way to meet people here is to introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors. If you’re outside doing yard work or walking your dog, chat with the people who pass by. We’re blessed to have sidewalks and people using them. We met our best friends when the mom was walking her toddler around the block, needed a bathroom quickly, saw the kid toys in our yard, and knocked on our door.

If you have children, consider joining the pool. Kids love it, and the parents all meet each other as they watch the kids.

If you’re older, check out the Golden Ravens. They meet regularly for the pleasure of each others’ company and to talk about things in the neighborhood and elsewhere. Contact Martha Sargent at 703-321-9143.

I’m shy, so what I like to do is work with people on some project. For me, that’s easier than sitting around talking to strangers. And I get a sense of peoples’ gifts, working with them. If that’s you, here are some places to volunteer for projects, short or long, as you please:

  • Join the Ravensworth Farm Civic Association board. We meet once a month during the school year. You’ll hear about everything that’s happening in the neighborhood. Just show up at one of those meetings and check it out. These are usually the first Wednesday in the month at the school. But check the actual dates in The Farmer or under Calendar of Events.
  • Interested in emergency preparedness? Call Enrique Navarrete at 703-321-9140. The county will train you in CPR and emergency responses. You could make a great contribution if we ever have a civil emergency here.
  • Gardening? Join the Garden Club. Contact Laura Asiello at 703-321-7840.
  • Schools? We have superb schools. Keep them that way by joining the PTA. Contact the PTA people listed here.
  • Environment? Lake Accotink, the watershed, and the park are right here. They benefit from the care of hundreds of your neighbors. Check out the park or the Friends of Accotink Creek to see where you could make yourself useful and make some like-minded friends.