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Recycling in Fairfax County – What’s recyclable, what’s not. Click here to find out.

News to Use – Stay informed about County events.  The Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs has created two free e-mail newsletters to help residents stay informed about county events.

  • “News to Use” is a monthly publication (the first Monday of each month) with short articles about upcoming events, public safety, recreation, child care, community meetings and more. You can subscribe to “News to Use” or view articles from past editions here.
  • “Weekly Agenda” is distributed every Thursday and contains links to agenda information for meetings of the Board of Supervisors, Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission and more. You can subscribe at here.
  • For questions or comments about either of these newsletters, please call the Office of Public Affairs at 703-324-3187, TTY 703-324-2935 or visit

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