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Neighborhood Concerns and Complaints

What should you do if you have a problem with one of your neighbors? For most issues, the county is the body with enforcement powers. This section lists the most common neighborhood concerns and gives the phone numbers that you should call. First, telephone and find out what the rules are.

Then, if the activity is indeed illegal, you can make a complaint at the same office. Bear in mind that the Ravensworth Civic Association has no enforcement powers. Fairfax County is the governing body for most of these issues.

Making a Complaint

If you are directly affected by any of the issues noted in this section and wish to register a complaint – or find out what the rules are – please call the phone number associated with each topic. When calling, be prepared to give your name, address, phone number and the best time to contact you. The county will not use your name when contacting the other party, but they need to be able to get back to you.

Upon receipt of your complaint, the staff will:

  • Contact you if additional information is needed prior to conducting the investigation.
  • Inform you about the results of inspections.
  • Take action, if violations are found, to gain compliance in a reasonable amount of time, and
  • Keep you informed as progress occurs and let you know when the matter has been resolved.


Home Business

  • Business conducted from a home (some small-scale businesses are permitted).
    Dept. of Planning & Zoning, Zoning Enforcement. 703-324-1300



Property Maintenance

  • Abandoned or blighted properties. Call the president of the Civic Association.
  • Building code violations.
    Dept. of Public Works, Code Enforcement Division. 703-324-1937
  • Interior health and safety problems.
    Health Department. 703-246-2300

    • Structures unsafe, dilapidated, or in disrepair
    • Unsanitary living conditions
    • Overcrowding
    • No heat
    • No running water
    • Electrical system hazard
    • Inadequate light
    • Plumbing problems
    • Unsafe basement bedrooms
    • Roach or mouse infestations
    • Rats
    • Hoarding
    • Mosquitoes
    • House flooding
    • Sewage backup
    • Overflowing garbage and trash
    • Discarded tires
  • Junk and debris in yards.
    Dept. of Planning & Zoning, Zoning Enforcement. 703-324-1300
  • Grass in excess of 12 inches.
    Dept. of Public Works, Environment & Facilities Inspections Division. 703-324-1931


  • Commercial vehicles parked on the street (some are permitted).
    Police, non-emergency. 703-280-0550
  • Commercial vehicles parked on private property (some are permitted).
    Dept. of Planning & Zoning, Zoning Enforcement. 703-324-1300
  • Vehicles parked on front lawn for longer than 48 hours.
    Dept. of Planning & Zoning, Zoning Enforcement. 703-324-1300
  • Inoperative vehicles on residential property.
    Police, inoperative vehicles section. 703-280-0550
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